Excel Password Unlocker

Excel Password Unlocker 5.0

Gets back forgotten passwords for secured Excel documents

Attempts to bypass the protection on XLS and XLSX files by brute-forcing the password or using a dictionary attack to find it.

Excel Password Unlocker is a powerful tool developed by Password Unlocker Studio and it is used for recovering passwords from Excel documents. It also allows the users to open and edit previously locked documents. It has an intuitive interface and it provides quick access to all of the program`s features. The recovery process can be done with "Brute-force attacks", if the users have no information on the password or with "Brute-force with Mass Attacks" if some symbols from the password are known.

The utility comes with another attack type, based on a dictionary, which will attempt to unlock the file with various word combinations, depending on the chosen dictionary. The piece of software provides support for all Microsoft Office Excel versions (2007/2003/2000/97) and ".xlsx", ".xls" extensions. The Unlocker allows the users to divide the unlocking process in several stages, and each stage can be auto-saved once every 15 min by default.

All taken into consideration, Excel Password Unlocker is a powerful tool used for unlocking password-protected Excel documents; it provides 3 modes of unlocking, but the trial version of the application only allows the user to recover 3 characters of the desired password, and it doesn`t offer access to "dictionary attack".

Dave Hattey
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